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Metroid Prime sends Samus Aran on her first mission in 3D

I am absolute fan of the Metroid series and any series that has me exploring and expanding a world from the items I find. I have played every 2D Metroid title and have loved everyone. However, I have stayed clear of the Metroid Prime series because I’m not a fan of FPS titles and only worried that a 3D world would ruin the feel I love from the 2D titles.

I begin my mission to learn why the Metroid Prime series is loved as much as the other Metroid titles.

As a person who fails miserably at FPS titles, Metroid Prime offered me controls that were easy to use. I did have some problems switching between her various beams as well as judging jumps but this all stems from my ability and was no fault of the game. Well, except for when I was forced to climb out of a deep, watery depth with many platforms to reach the surface. That was just cruel.

Boss battles were fun and thrilling in my attempts to figure out how to beat them. …and when I remembered when to scan which was something I would forget that I could do when immersed in the action. Battles are one half of the Metroid series and the other half is the exploration. Metroid Prime nailed it perfectly with its set up of finding new power ups, back tracking, and uncovering secret places.

I can see why fans consider Metroid Prime one of the top titles in the series and Retro Studios did an absolutely amazing job. I was going in thinking I would not enjoy the experience since I am not a fan of the FPS. I was completely wrong about Metroid Prime. The combat is solid, the atmosphere is right, and the exploration of the Metroid series is captured in this title.

It may not be my favorite Metroid game but I would highly recommend at least giving it a try if you have not played the Prime series.