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My name is Jonathan Tubbs and I've been working in graphic design for over 10 years at the same company producing advertisements, packaging, branding, posters, brochures, and more.

However, there are times that I need an escape from art specific to my job. Luckily video game broadcsating website Twitch has given me the outlet I need to produce art that is not related to my job. And what better way to escape than with a hobby I enjoy: video games!

Though I heavily focused on my own channel, I have branched out and offered my skills to other broadcasters on Twitch from website design to creating logos. Below you will find a sample of my work I have done for myself and other broadcasters.
MANvsGAME Website


MANvsGAME has become one of the well known and popular faces on Twitch whether through his own show or at events attended by Twitch. Looking to work on his brand, MAN wanted a new look to his website.

I focused my design on MAN's main title font, the theme of his channel, and broadcast opening video. I used the Nintendo Entertainment System branding as my basis for my color scheme while focusing on an 8-bit art style for graphics and headers as well as incorporating the offical MANvsGAME font.

As of 2014, I still design websites but I am no longer programming them.

[ MANvsGAME Official Website ]

MANvsGAME Twitch Channel Profile

Twitch Channel Profile

For consistency, the branding for MANvsGAME needed to extend to his channel profile on Twitch, too. I followed the same theme from the MANvsGAME website. Each header was placed in a box with an underline accent to help separate each section of the profile.

Any logo for a third party service was also converted to an 8-bit style to match the format of the site and font.

[ MANvsGAME on Twitch ]

TheGreatGQ Twitch Offline Player Image

Offline Video Player Image

As one of the originals from Justin.tv, TheGreatGQ has been around for some time bringing his love for Nintendo to Twitch. All Twitch broadcasters can have an image to display when they are offline and GQ needed a new one.

GQ requested his logo, hours, Twitter handle, and his known red color to be used. With the information, I split this image into half the information he needed and half his love for Nintendo with outlines of recognizable Nintendo character sprites and self-created Nintendo controllers.

Though not requested, I added a section for GQ's weekly races with viewers in Mario Kart to the offline image as I felt this was important to also advertise. The addition was well received by GQ.

[ TheGreatGQ on Twitch ]

TheGreatGQ Gaming Quest Logo Shirt

Gaming Quest Logo T-Shirt

With many Twitch broadcasters being given the opportunity to have their own shirts thanks to a partnership between Twitch and Teespring, GQ was looking for a shirt to feature his brand but wanted a new logo for his first shirt.

For this new logo, GQ wanted a cartoonish font and a more detail compass while working on a red shirt. With the idea of the "Gaming Quest", I took inspiration from Kirby Super Star and the Great Cave Offensive. Once again, focusing on GQ's love for Nintendo and also Kirby.

GQ Logo Evolution

[ TheGreatGQ Gaming Quest T-Shirt ]

Elsword Advertisement on SuxAtGames Channel

Channel Advertisement

As a broadcaster on Twitch, I received sponsorship in late 2012 from pubslisher KOG Games (formerly Kill3rCombo) for their side-scrolling MMORPG Elsword. With such an opportunity, I wanted to advertise their game to viewers of my broadcast who may have found me through the other games I played.

Before every broadcast and when I take a break, I have various banners rotate to provide information to viewers about my Twitch channel. It is in these banners that I advertise Elsword.

The advertiment gives viewers a link to the web site along with screenshots from the game with splash text and artwork of the various character classes that can be played.

[ Official Elsword Homepage ]

Elsword Live Broadcast Overlay Graphic

Broadcasting Overlay

As a sponsored broadcaster for Elsword, I dedicate at least one day in my schedule to play this game. To help bring attention to the current promotions in the game, I designed my layout to provide a rotating banner with graphics advertising these promotions.

When designing these banners, I try to match the format used by the sponsor on their website so that there is a consitencty in the branding used. When no banner exists from the sponsor, I will design my own using the theme of the promotion. Though the sponsor will not share the original source files with me of their official banners, I am able to receive the character art assets for creating my banners.

Elsword Live Broadcast Overlay Graphic 2013-2014

[ SuxAtGames on Twitch ]

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Experience and Other Information

As stated above, I have 10 years of experience in designing graphics using a handful of software from the Adobe product library. I have produced works outside of Twitch personally and for others. You can find examples of my extended portfolio here.

[ Additional Artwork by Jonathan Tubbs ]

My skills are not just limited to art due to the number of years of working for the same company. I have experience in sales and marketing working with individual customers as well as various resellers. I have worked on a number of projects that required managing it for tasks, time, costs, and organizing various groups of members. I have also been tasked in researching products and services that would be best and cost efficient for the company I work for.
Want to inquiry about my services or have questions regarding other topics? By all means, contact me using the form below OR you can use your Twitch account to send me a message!

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